Shimmering Seoul
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Ate at Greek Joy in Hongdae tonight. It was delicious! ♡♡♡ Its located above the Goodtime convenience store near the park.

There is a concert happening at Hongik University.


I get it YBM, white girl can’t dance. #lol #esl #teachinkorea


Throwback haha yes I was a cheerleader. Lol still can’t believe I was it wasn’t really my thing. But I had fun with my friends.

Oh Korea loves it’s photoshopped IDs. Lol

My first time at the Coex Aquarium! 

katbingsu Whispered:
i haven't visited your blog in a while and i love the new theme! it is beautiful! i saw that you asked for a kdrama recommendation a while ago and I would definitely recommend its 'okay, that's love'. It just finished airing but it also has gong hyojin in it and it is a wonderfully made drama! If you're looking for something funny then 'surplus princess' would also be a good choice!

Thank you! : )My friend recommended ‘I Hear Your Voice’. So I am watching that one right now. Pretty addicted! I do really like Gong Hyojin.  I’ll have to check that one out too! 

World’s happiest pug in a basket! Lol Dog cafe in Myeongdong. This little guy was so cozy.


Hey everyone, hope you are all having a good week. Last night I finished up at work and went out on a date ( yes I’ve started dating again haha). Then I met up with my good friends and their friends and we went to Monkey Beach in Apgujeong Rodeo. We had a lot of fun. Just dancing and meeting new people. Monkey Beach has a bar and a club called Bunker. They check your ID and then you can get into both with the stamp on your wrist. Both locations have really good music and for once it wasn’t too crowded at all. So if you are looking for a nice place to hang out with your friends then I would suggest going there to take a break from the usual Hongdae or Gangnam night. 


Directions to Monkey Beach: Exit 2 @ Apgujeong station. Walk for about 5-10 min (about 8 streets down) and you’ll see a Paris Croissant (not Paris Baguette) on the corner. Go down that street and on your left you will eventually see a sign for Bunker. 


After we finished our night of dancing we went to a really awesome hotdog stand next to Bunker. The worker was very friendly and actually spoke English pretty well. All in all it was a fun night. I didn’t get home until around 4:00 AM EEK! I haven’t done that in months. I’m not a big drinker to be honest. Usually just a few times a year I go out clubbing with my friends for fun! Tonight I will just be meeting a friend near Itaewon perhaps. Then I’ll get some much needed rest! Tomorrow my house-lord has people coming to change the wallpaper in my new apartment. Hence why I haven’t uploaded a new apartment tour video YET! So stay tuned for that. I also have a lot of videos from my trips this summer that I need to edit together.

Thanks everyone for all your kind messages by the way. They really make me smile! I’m happy if my blog can you make you feel any more at easy with your decision to come to Korea. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! 



Its a beautiful day! ♡ #shimmeringseoul

Good evening!

Sunrise at Geumsan Boriam Temple.

Can someone recommend some new Kdramas to me?

I feel completely out of TV shows to watch. HELP! I like shows with strong female leads and a decent storyline. I loved Master’s Sun with Gong Hyo-jin. She cracked me up with some of her comedic acting.  However I also enjoy a good historical drama from time to time. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. 

gwensaurus Whispered:
Hi! I've seen your videos about the EPIK application process. I'm currently working on my lesson plan :D I've already got one of my letters of recommendation and waiting for the second one. I would like to teach in Seoul (or near). I'm thinking of filing out the SMOE attachment form. Considering that Seoul is the popular destination and it's already September 3rd, what do you think my chances are of getting accepted? I'm working on getting my TEFL certification as well! Thanks for your blog :)

Hello! : ) Yes absolutely fill out the SMOE attachment form. As long as you get a TEFL, turn in your documents early, and give a rockin’ interview I see no reason why you wouldn’t have a chance at getting your ideal location. Of course things happen, but I know of people that applied late and got into Seoul. Just stay optimistic, but of course if you really want to come to Korea then be as flexible as possible. Even though I really wanted Seoul, I put that my location was flexible because I knew Korea had a wonderful public transportation system. To be honest I just wanted to experience Korean culture and didn’t really care where I was placed as long as I got here! lol Seoul is beautiful though and I couldn’t be happier here. I’ve been to many places in Korea and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single area no matter how rural. Best wishes! : ) 

ladymusouka Whispered:
Hi. I am also trying to apply to the EPIK program and I was wondering if it would hinder me if I were a Creative Writing major instead of a English Literature major. Also would it be better to get a TEFL online than in school and if so, I don't even know what section to choose on the TEFL website!! Help! Thanks!!

Hey I don’t think it will hinder you at all as long as you get your TEFL certification and relate your degree and experience to teaching in Korea during the interview process.  : ) They do prefer that you have at least 20 hours in-class for your TEFL, but as far as I know its not an absolute requirement yet. So online would be fine. However, if you do it completely online then I would suggest doing some volunteer classes for kids. For example, I did volunteer arts and crafts classes for low income students through my university. 

 I took the 120 hour TEFL online course from ITTT ( I also took the 50 hours Teaching English to Young Learners course. Keep in mind that if you have an in-class TEFL option in your area you should take it! Sadly I had none in my area. During the Fall 2013 intake EPIK started giving preference to applicants with atleast a 20 hour in-class TEFL. For Busan I believe you have to have 60 hours in-class experience to even be considered. So just think competitively and do what is best to make yourself an ideal candidate. Good luck! I hope you get to come to Korea. : )