Shimmering Seoul
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Apartment tour is processing! Man why is uploading to YouTube so slow today????


Hello! Well it has definitely gotten colder in Seoul. The leaves have begun to finally change. This morning I am wrapped up in a blanket drinking some hot cocoa as well. Today I have plans to just stay in my area, do some grocery shopping, and film my apartment tour video! I may also film an actual vlog if I have some time. Woo hoo. My apartment finally looks a little bit more lived in now. Its not quite so bare. I would have uploaded my video before but it would have been very plain and boring! ^^ So I’ll film that this afternoon. I will also be putting up Part 2 to my Namhae trip, and a Sports Day video.

By the way for current teachers or those soon to be hired, what are some of the most common questions you have about your contract during the school year? This could concern vacation time etc… I was asked to help with a little video project so I thought I would get your thoughts on the most common concerns you have. Thank you! 

Autumn in Seoul. ♡♡♡

Cafe Majo and Sady! Near Exit 3 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station.

Halloween in Seoul »

I will reblog my post from last year about finding Halloween costumes in Seoul. ^^

Had a teacher dinner tonight! Omg I am soooooo full! We ate Shabu Shabu. #shimmeringseoul

Got an early Halloween package from my family! ♡♡♡♡

Trip to Namhae Part 1 

Jazz Story Cafe

Where is this cafe?^^

Hello! This cafe is near Hyewha Station.


Jazz Story Cafe, Cafe Mocha in a measuring cup. ♡

Jazz Story Cafe

Jazz Story Cafe

I finally got my new curtains in the mail! So I will be uploading my new apartment tour video soon. ^^

I’ll post it here and of course to my YouTube Channel

Upcoming videos: 

Apartment Tour 

WINK Trip to Namhae

Jinju Lantern Festival