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Went to a photo sticker shop with my friend Canako in Hyehwa! 


Preparing a little cozy dinner party with my friends this evening.

Finding Contacts for Astigmatism in Seoul

Happy weekend everyone! Today I finally decided to get myself some more contacts after my payday. I met my friend Priscilla and we stopped at two places in my area. However the first place said no they couldn’t accept my prescription. I was pretty confused, but I thanked them and we went to another place. Then the man examined my eyes but he also said no. I was a little nervous because I thought there was something terribly wrong with my eyes! HAHA. Then I went on Waygook and discovered the finding contact lenses for astigmatism is a little challenging in Korea. I guess its not that common here for whatever reason. I figured my best bet was to head to a more foreigner friendly area like Myeongdong. 

I did a quick Google search and found Davich Optical’s Myeongdong branch..

Directions: It was very easy to find. Just go out of Exit 5 and walk straight for 100 meters. You will see Shinsegae Department Store across the intersection. But do not cross the street. Davich Optical should be on your right. 

62, Sogong-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 
서울특별시 중구 소공로 62 동암빌딩 (충무로1가)

(Photo Credit: Visit Korea

The storefront looked very professional. I entered the store and was immediately greeted. The workers were very friendly. I told them I wanted to buy contact lenses and they sent me to the second floor. The second floor was also very nice and had a small cafe area. 

I was met by a worker and told her I needed an exam and to buy contact lenses. I hadn’t had a thorough exam of my eyes for such a long time so I figured why not. The best part about Davich Optical is that they have workers that speak English. Selena was the worker I had tonight. She was upbeat, knowledgeable, and very friendly. She did many tests on my eyes and told me that while I had astigmatism my eyes were very healthy. She helped me get the perfect prescription for my eyes and put together my file. Because I love Acuvue contact lenses she checked online and put in my order. She told me she would call the company tomorrow to see if my lenses were in stock. If they are in stock I can receive them in just 2 days! If they aren’t well I will have to wait a bit. 

After we finished my paperwork, exam, and the payment, she guided me over to the cafe area. The cafe is a free service which is apart of your purchase at their store. You can get many specialty coffees that you would find at your local cafe. Overall, I can’t speak highly enough about my experience at Davich Optical. They were very thorough and I didn’t feel rushed at all. As an expat I didn’t have to worry about much of a language barrier because the workers spoke perfect English. I can’t wait to wear my contacts again! 

Davich Optical has branches all over the world.


Store Hours: 9:30 AM - 10:00 PM

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Identity Crisis

Just so no one gets confused. If you are working at a public school in Seoul then you are not an EPIK teacher. You are an SMOE Teacher (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education). We were just recruited through the EPIK program. Our fearless leader pointed out that fact today via FB. I know EPIK likes to make it sound like we are EPIK teachers with all those ‘EPIK SMOE’ forms but don’t let that throw you. You can say you are an SMOE teacher. 

Finally have some spare time so I am following lots of Korea related blogs at the moment. : ) Send me yours if you haven’t already.


Okay I don’t normally comment on things like this on my blog, but I do feel this is worth mentioning. I randomly stumbled upon this YouTuber’s ‘Butt Pinch Prank’ video and after watching it I was completely disgusted. I’m glad people cared enough to get the video taken down since it clearly violated YouTube’s policies. If you didn’t watch the critique video above basically the guy wears a sweatshirt and puts both arms into his pockets. One arm is fake. His real arm is free inside the shirt. The women can’t see his real arm so he reaches behind and grabs their butts. Yeah yuck..

The girls were obviously very uncomfortable and I really don’t think this video was staged with actors as some people speculated. Since the 1st video was taken down he has since uploaded another video adding a girl to go around pinching men’s bottoms.The video says its only 2/3. So there is one more coming. Some people think that video 3 is where this YouTuber may say that it was all a social experiment and that he used consenting actors. However, either way I really feel that the damage has been done. Not everyone that saw videos 1 or 2 will see video 3. He is only further spreading the idea that sexual harassment is normal and people should accept it if its labelled a ‘prank’. I also don’t think video 3 would excuse his history of harassment. In the past he has forcibly lassoed and handcuffed women. Most of them say “No” or “Get away from me.”  

Intentional or not he is promoting that idea by violating these people’s bodies to get views. I think he really needs to educate himself and put himself into those people’s shoes. I mean think about it. A random stranger comes up to you and touches your body without your consent. I read comments that said, “Oh the girls laughed so clearly they liked it.” No, I don’t think they did. Sometimes women laugh when they don’t know what else to do. Or if they feel like saying “no” might get them hurt. So in a way its like joining in on the joke could make the situation end quicker. That doesn’t mean those women or men “liked it.” 

Either way, I don’t think these videos were a good idea. I truly feel it was wrong. I feel sorry for the women and men that were used for these videos too. I don’t think people should watch his channel or give him more views. So instead I am just going to post this link of Emma Watson’s UN speech. She made many good points on feminism  and how its not about man-hating. Its about desiring equal rights and respect for both men and women. Hopefully we can all respect each others right to not have our bodies touched without our consent as well. 


UPDATE** He did claim its fake and a social experiment. However, no word on his past videos of  him harassing people by handcuffing and lassoing them without permission. Also he refused to let them go until they kissed him. So wrong…

Sokcho Beach Mini Vaca 

Check out some clips from the staff hiking trip to Gapyeong. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

I am finally editing some more videos together to upload to my YouTube channel. I also will be uploading my new apartment tour video sometime next week after I get paid. My apartment looks kind of plain right now so I’d rather jazz it up a bit before filming. If you have anything you’d like me to talk about in a future Vlog then please feel free to send me a message or a caption on here of course. I’d be happy to answer any questions so don’t be shy. Now that my schedule has become less hectic I’ll have some more time! Thank goodness. : ) 

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Happy Friday everyone!

Self-Defense Rules in Korea (CLICK HERE) »

The regulations concerning self defense in Korea. Of course as foreigners or even just people in general in Korea we should be understand/follow the laws. As well as know how to legally protect ourselves in the unlikely event of an emergency situation. Its just good to be aware of things like this. Many self defense mechanisms found in America are illegal here. 

Not going to lie I’ve been touched in public before. Had an unfortunate situation on the Bundang subway line where an old man asked for my number and rubbed my thigh. I’m pretty feisty but I managed to just yell no at him, push his hand away, and fled the situation. Its unfortunate but it can happen to you anywhere in the world. Other than a few situations I feel very safe in Korea and for every bad person there are a thousand good ones. So just be aware and take care of yourselves.   

If you go on ChelseaSpeak3’s YouTube Channel she posted a good video talking about this.