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So today I went to a clinic called Passport Health in my area. I thought I was just going into a quick appointment, they would give me my shots, and I would leave. However, the doctor actually made up my own packet specific to my trip to South Korea. It had tons of information in it including doctors in Seoul, recommended vaccines, and other health care advice. Then she went through my immunization records with me and helped me pick which vaccines she felt I should get. We decided on the Hepatitis A shot and the Typhoid pills. We chose those two because of the street food in Seoul that I would possibly be eating. My mom is a nurse so she is paranoid as it is when it comes to my health (haha). That’s what I decided to do for myself. Once she went over the vaccines with me she put on an informational video (yeah I’m totally serious) and it gave a rundown of safety precautions you should take when abroad. Then finally she gave me my shot and she was so good I barely felt the needle going into my arm.


After my trip to the clinic my mom and I stopped at Atrias to eat lunch. Their food was so good! This was our first time to this restaurant and we were not disappointed. It was decorated really nicely too.



My mom and I took a little snapshot while we were waiting for our food. After we ate there we continued our long drive back home and stopped off at my favorite little town in the world Ligonier.image

Then we totally had our cheat food of the week stopping at our favorite ice-cream shop for a sweet treat. I got the Coffee Chip ice-cream and my mom got the Butter Pecan. All and all it was a nice day and I was happy to get my vaccinations done. Now I just have to sit back and wait until my EPIK contract arrives in July! 

  1. sojuadventurer said: Just out of curiosity…. How pricey were your vaccinations? Do you have insurance? I’ve basically been told repeatedly, “You don’t need any vaccinations.”
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